Saturday, July 6, 2019

Slime Story for Android - APK Download

                           Slime Story for Android - APK Download

                                            Slime Story for Android - APK Download

The description of Slime Story

For years now adventurers have been killing off slimes, now it's time for them to fight back! Raise, train, and build your very own virtual slime farm to get back at those adventurers.

 A cute, quick, and easy virtual pet clicker adventure game!As small and cute as they are, slimes need lots of care and attention. Make sure they are happy, healthy, and full

.- Buy food to feed your slimes in the shop
 - Decorate your playpen and get toys for your slimes to play with
- Pet your slime! Slimes love to be pet simply by double tapping on them.

When all set and healthy your slimes will happily fight for you! Be careful though if a slime's health reaches zero there is no bringing them back! - Level up your slime's stats by heading into combat

- Use the left slide of the screen to move your slime and the right to attack!
- As slimes level up they will grow bigger in your playpen

Recommended for the following people:

 - People who like slimes
- People who hate slimes
- People who love raising virtual pets
- People that have too much money and want to send it to some starving game devs

Slime Story for Android

*Quick tip: Click and hold onto any items in the shop if you're ever confused what they doWe know that no game is perfect and we're always up for feedback improvement!
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