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Zoids Field of Rebellion APK Free Download

Battle multiple players that are connected online is divided into two teams!
Attacked the camp, to win is better to destroy the enemy stronghold ahead! Temporary Keep your eye on the real-time online matches!
Movement in accordance with the war situation case enjoy the game of large-boned that is required!

Android Version: 4.4+

● world of [ZOIDS FIELD OF REBELIION (Zoids field of Rebellion)] ●
This world in which the two forces wage a war over a long time.
You are living with ZOIDS (Zoids), cast himself into the fight.
Reconstruct the original settings based on the world view of "ZOIDS concept art".
ZOIDS (Zoids) who is dynamic in being realistic on the basis of the "battlefield setting," "field". In the palm "realistic ZOIDS world" appears.

【game introduction】
◆ trying to freely manipulate the ZOIDS (Zoids) in a virtual pad ◆
In virtual pad that can be manipulated while ZOIDS of movement and attacks is thought of (Zoids),
Shield Liger, Saber Tiger, you Norikonaso popular ZOIDS (Zoids), such as command Wolf!
To understand the aircraft characteristics of each ZOIDS (Zoids), case corresponds to the war situation to change in real time!

◆ equipped with a weapon customized to your own ZOIDS (Zoids) ◆
GET such as weapons and metal at random from the container!
Shop can also nominated buying of weapons in the daily!
Let Rinmo to play in a thorough equipment!

◆ allowed to fall the home of the enemy, it will aim at victory ◆
To attack the "base", "home" of the opposing team, victory is better to to fall to "home" before!
While protecting the "base", "home" of the army, case early fall as much as possible the "base", "the Center" of the opposing team!

◆ fun cooperative play with peers ◆
Let's take a companion and communication of the same team using the stamp!
Or encouraging fellow, such as when you want to help a friend, a stamp to help communication in combat implementation. Teamwork is the key to victory!

◆ quirky pilot character to ride the ZOIDS (Zoids) ◆
Character who drifts adult atmosphere by Mr. of design HIRONOX.
Characters that appear in the game, was lowered to draw for all the work now Original!
Pilot-specific skills influence the war situation!

● [ZOIDS FIELD OF REBELIION (Zoids field of Rebellion)] is recommended for Travelers with ●
- Anyway, I love ZOIDS (Zoids) is
· ZOIDS (Zoids) is nostalgic
· Want to ride in the ZOIDS (Zoids)
· MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) like
I want to enjoy real-time battle in Action Game
- in cooperation with fellow want to enjoy a match
· Full-scale online battle like

Puppet Zoids of your own, Kakenukero the battlefield together with fellow!

■ The ZOIDS (Zoids)
It emerged as the original toy Tommy (now Tomy) in 1983.
Animals and dinosaurs in the motif, with a simple assembly kit that does not require adhesive, has gained immense popularity among children. Such as the face and limbs is characterized by the movement of the real, you can also enjoy the action as well as make.
To the second-order boom played a revival with the 3DCG animation in 1999. In addition to 2016, it began the development of the best high-end models "Masterpiece" series. Plastic and figures, licensed products deployment of goods, etc. are also carried out, is a boys-men's brand continues to be supported by more than 30 years.

■ "ZOIDS FIELD OF REBELIION (Zoids field of Rebellion)" official site
■ official Twitter "ZOIDS_FOR official (@zoids_pr)"
■ Recommended OS & Recommended terminal
※ There is a case that can be downloaded, even non-recommended terminal, but, depending on your situation, there is the case that operation becomes unstable.
■ Inquiries about the game




Android Version: 4.4+
31 MB

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