Friday, June 17, 2016

Download Chromodo versi

Download Chromodo versi

A straightforward and secure browser that aims to protect you against online malware threats while also offering the much needed functions of a traditional browser
There are countless types of web browser available online, and if you are still looking for the one that best suits your necessities, you can try Chromodo.

Chromium-based browser with a familiar GUI

This app combines the straightforward and user-friendly look of Chromium-based browsers with increased security components that allow you to protect your computer against web threats.

In other words, since it brings nothing new in terms of appearance, you should encounter no issues in pasting or typing the address of a certain website that you want to access, or open a new tab for each page you need to explore. You also get to save interesting links to the bookmarks bar or terminate individual processes that slow down the entire browser, just like you can do when using any Chromium-based app.

What's news in Chromodo :

• Chromium code base has been updated to 49
• Chromodo offers a direct installation of Adobe PPAPI Flash Player in case of flash does not exist in user's computer.
• Chromodo v49 will be final version that supports Windows Vista. Starting from version 50, We will not support Vista users.

Download Comodo Chromodo | Private | 51,47 MB |
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