Monday, December 28, 2015

TubeMate Pro APK Youtube Downloader Free

App Name : TubeMate Youtube Downloader Pro
Version : Pro_v2.48
App Price : $3.2 
Our Price : 100% Free

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Features of TubeMate Pro APK Youtube Downloader Pro_v2.48

    Fast download mode(with multiple connections for a download)
    Multiple download resolution options
    Background, multi-download
    Resume downloading
    Convert to MP3 (powered by MP3 Media Converter)
    Playlist as video/audio(powered by Meridian Player)
    Share your video finds via Google Buzz, Twitter or e-mail at the tap of a button
    YouTube search and related videos suggestions
    Save favorite videos to your YouTube account, create playlists

 App Description 

The latest TubeMate APK version 2.48 has been launched. Download and install to your device to get YouTube video easily on your Android. Sometimes we as video viewers on YouTube is annoyed with the buffering that often makes the atmosphere becomes less attractive, especially if we watch a movie that most of us like the buffering is one of our greatest enemy when watching videos on YouTube. One of solution to avoid buffering is to download movies or videos that are in the YouTube to android phone we have, therefore we feel the need to discuss about Best Android Apps to download videos From YouTube.

It has been removed from play store, either because what is obvious but it is already disappearing from store play, but do not worry because we have prepared a backup file of the application you can download, through a link we provide.

Before we discuss more about it, you may wonder what the name of the application, this application actually we’ve heard, it is TubeMate, why we chose as the best application to download videos on YouTube? Besides light and simple application is also not too difficult to use, in other words, this application is very flexible and comfortable to use. TubeMate 2.48 APK is made ​​by devian Studio has become the primary choice for the android mobile phone users make downloading videos or movies from YouTube, from our research proves that almost 70% of android phone users that we asked about the application to download videos or movies and the say this app is great.
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